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Principium accepts unsolicited manuscripts addressing issues of religion and public life, provided they are original and written in an engaging and professional style. The editors will render decisions as quickly as possible, generally within one month. Submissions need be in one language only, although authors with sufficient language skills are encouraged to submit a translation of their own work. All essays are reviewed by a language editor before appearing in print.

Authors with questions about possible submissions are encouraged to contact the editors. Authors submitting manuscripts should send them as an email attachment to:

Documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word. However, authors with essays containing photos or illustrations may also wish to submit a copy in pdf format.

Please, also, adhere to the Principium style-sheet.

Format, length: Use Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1.5 spacing. Do not indent. Use block paragraphs with a space added after each paragraph. Maximum length for an essay is 3000 words.

Abbreviations, quotations: Please make of use standard abbreviations. Italicize for emphasis and when using foreign words. Quotations from the Bible should be followed by a citation in brackets. Use standard abbreviations for books of the Bible, followed by chapter and verse, i.e., (Is. 34:4) or (Mt. 5:7).

References: Authors should write in an accessible style that avoids academic citations as much as possible. If references are necessary, employ the author-date citation format as outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style. Instead of a footnote, identify the author, date, and page number in brackets within the body of the text, just before a mark of punctuation, i.e., (AUTHOR DATE, PAGE) or (O’Donovan 1996, 214).

Hyperlinks: If the text contains hyperlinks, underline the text to be linked followed immediately by the http: address enclosed in square brackets, i.e., [http:]

Works cited: If needed, please construct a list of works cited as appropriate for the author-date system as outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style. Titles of books and periodicals are italicized; titles of periodicals are written in roman type, and are not enclosed in quotation marks. Titles of books and periodicals are capitalized in the headline style; titles of articles are capitalized in the sentence style, that is, only the first word in the title and subtitle and all proper nouns and proper adjectives are capitalized. For books, bibliographic material should appear in the following order: author’s last name, author’s first name, year, title, city, press. For periodicals, bibliographic material should appear in the following order: author’s last name, author’s first name, year, title of article, title of periodical, volume number, page information.   Two examples are provided below. Writers seeking more guidance should consult The Chicago Manual of Style.

O’Donovan, Oliver. 1996. The Desire of the Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Childress, James F. 1978. Just war theories: The bases, interrelations, priorities, and functions of their criteria. Theological Studies. 39: 427-445.

Abstract, photos, illustrations: Include a short abstract (maximum 100 words) summarizing the main idea in the article. If the article includes pictures, place them in the text in the appropriate place, and also send them separately as an email attachment. The author is responsible for securing permission to publish pictures protected by copyright.

Information about the author: Please provide the author’s name, area of specialization, current position, and contact information. Place this information within the Word document, at the end of the article.

Book reviews: Book reviews briefly familiarize readers with the content of a publication and critically evaluate its content, pointing out both strengths and weaknesses. Unsolicited book reviews are welcome, but reviewers may want to check with the editors first to make sure the proposed review is of interest to the journal.

Maximum length for a book review is 1500 words.

The review should begin by listing all bibliographic information for the monograph, including the ISBN or ISSN number. Write the name of the book’s author in its entirety when it first appears; abbreviate all subsequent references to the author’s name. Quotations from the reviewed book should be followed by the page number enclosed in brackets just before a mark of punctuation, i.e., “example” (p. 250-251).

The editors may alter the text of published articles, after consulting with the author, in the interests of style or length.

Download the Principium style sheet.


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