Principium 2016.1 Now Available

principium cover

The newest issue of Principium has just been released!


  • The editors, “Why Principium?”
  • Robert Benne, “The Church and Politics”
  • Tibor Görföl, “Christianity at the Start of the Millennium”
  • David Baer, “The Nature of Christian Political Action”
  • Gilbert Meilaender, “Infant Euthanasia in Europe”
  • Laura Viktoria Jakli and Jason Wittenberg, “Are Hungary’s Churches Confronting Their Communist Past?”
  • Krisztina Nemes, “Catalan Independence and the Catholic Church”
  • Ádám Rixer, “The Essence of Marriage”

To purchase in the United States click here, in Europe here, and the UK here.




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